ACEIreland Face to Face Communication

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On November 18, 2019, to further promote the idea of connecting ACEIreland with the class and realize the goal of "all contributing to education, educating during the whole process and from all perspectives", Xinxiang Office of ACEIreland carried out a seminar which linked students with their tutors. With assistance of Suzie Wu, the programme coordinator, a group of 5 tutors met with students in HBU and made deep exchanges to solve questions and problems for them, aiming to jointly create a class with excellent academic atmosphere and boost the growth of them.

One year later, on November 30, 2020, ACEIrreland came to meet with students in HBU again. Led by Suzie Wu, coordinator of HRM joint project of Hebei University and National College of Ireland, three teachers have met with the students of Group 20 18 in Hebei University and had in-depth exchanges.

To understand the situation of the class and solve practical problems of the students, teachers from ACEIreland met with juniors in groups around Dec every year and shared with them experiences in academic performance, overseas study, visa application, class construction and other areas. And suggestions and advice were given to them in terms of study and life. This meeting made them clearer understand the tasks and responsibilities they have and provided guidance for their future growth and further study in Ireland.

This meeting strengthened the connection between teachers and students, enabled the office to better understand students’ study and life, thus encouraging them to “know how to study, expand their horizon, conduct all-around development, realize healthy growth physically and mentally ".

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